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Autumn 2014 Newsletter – City of Homes Calendar

Autumn 2014 Newsletter – City of Homes Calendar


Mayor Sarno and SPT board member Timothy Cummings pose with a copy of the “City of Homes” calendar.

Springfield Preservation Trust Launches ‘City of Homes’ Calendar

The Springfield Preservation Trust (SPT) launched a ‘City of Homes’ 2015 Calendar at the Mattoon Street Arts Festival on September 6 and 7, 2014. The organization, known for its work in the preservation of the architectural heritage of Springfield, determined that developing a calendar featuring the historical homes of Springfield would be a great way to promote local preservation, education, and advocacy efforts, while at the same time showcasing the magnificent character the city has to offer.

According to Tim Cummings, SPT Calendar Committee Chair, “Each month highlights a different architectural style represented in Springfield and features a great photograph of a home representative of that style.” “It was a great project”, he adds, “and we had many more styles and properties to highlight than we had months of the year– making our job super difficult.


Board members, JoAnne Cardell and Timothy Cummings, at the SPT table at the Mattoon Arts Festival

The Calendar Committee, comprised of Marilyn Sutin, Denise Moccia and Neil Daboul, really got out there and tried to feature as many of the hidden gems of Springfield as possible.” Cummings continues, “The calendar was very well received at Mattoon, selling about 95 copies, so we will continue to sell them until the New Year in local Springfield florists such as Langone’s Florists, the Flower Box and Flowers, Flowers, as well as at the upcoming SPT Cemetery Tour in October and other SPT events. Be sure to check out the SPT website for specific details which will be posted as soon as they become available.”

“This is our first year of doing the calendar, so we’re still trying to figure out what works in terms of themes and formats–but we also have lots of properties that we really want to highlight which will hopefully mean more calendars for many years to come.”

The SPT “City of Homes” 2015 Calendar is on sale for $15 and all proceeds will support the historic preservation and advocacy work of the Trust in Springfield.

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