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Apremont Triangle and Surrounding Buildings

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The Apremont Triangle is a beautiful example of a local historical district.  The buildings surrounding it are representative of commercial architecture in downtown Springfield.

The Shean Block is a representative example of commercial architecture in downtown Springfield built during the 1920s. This block was designed by Seabury, Inc. in 1927 for Charles T. Shean as a speculative office and commercial property during a period of rapid commercial growth in the downtown. The building presents handsome Classical Revival detailing on its Main and State Street façades.



The Apremont Triangle is proposed to be modified by an upcoming plan.

While the renovation of the vacant and long-neglected Court Square Building is vital, turning a handsome early 20th-century building into a parking lot at a major intersection makes no sense to historic preservation or to sensible urban design.


The Apremont Triangle and surrounding building have a historic legacy from a famous battle to several car brilliant car dealerships. Apremont Triangle is located near the Willys-Overland Building, which is a historic building offering beautiful lofts.

Unlike many endangered buildings that are vacant, the building is currently occupied and functioning. It can be renovated for retail, restaurants, and services for Downtown visitors, office workers, and residents.

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