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Virtual Lecture

“Colonial Era Gravestones” Virtual Lecture

The first virtual lecture will be on the historic 17th and 18th century gravestones, in Springfield Cemetery.  The city of Springfield has no surviving colonial-era buildings.  However, some of the gravestones date as far back as 1657, these stones represent a range of styles and individual carvers who worked in the Connecticut River valley during…


Window Workshop with Pam Howland

Pam Howland will lead a virtual lecture on February 17 at 7pm about window restoration.  For the past 13 years Pam Howland has been teaching women from Springfield to restore old windows.  During COVID 19 she had to shut down the workshop in the South End and explore a more individual self-directed model of work. …

“Demystifying Historic Preservation” Virtual Lecture

The third virtual lecture will be by Raipher Pellegrino. Attorney Pellegrino has a long history of redeveloping and repurposing older structures often of historical significance. He has renovated numerous residential properties in Springfield. His lecture will explore Springfield examples of historic preservation. To watch the program please go to the Springfield Preservation Facebook page March 24…


McKnight Past & Present

Developed between 1870 and 1900 by the McKnight Brothers, McKnight is the largest and most intact, wood-frame, late-nineteenth century neighborhood in New England. Jim Boone, long-time resident and Springfield Preservation Trust member, will share photos and interesting facts about the rich history of the neighborhood. This virtual presentation will take place on April 21 at…

Successes and Losses of the Most Endangered List

Springfield Museums 21 Edwards Street, Springfield, MA, United States

On October 8, Kira Holmes will lead the Second Saturday walking tour at 10:30 a.m.  The tour is titled Successes and Losses of the Most Endangered List. Some of the buildings on this tour might have started before the SPT Most Endangered List.  The tour will depart from Springfield Museums. Pay in person at Springfield…


“Lost Colonial-Era Buildings” Virtual Lecture

The Josiah Dwight House, featured in an article in this newsletter, was one of the many   important historic buildings that once stood in Springfield. Join Springfield historian Derek Strahan for a virtual lecture as he explores the history and photographs of some of the other lost colonial-era buildings from Springfield's past. The lecture will take place…


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