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House Tours

SPT house tours are one of the most visible events of the SPT year. Tours have opened hundreds of homes, showcased the wonderful neighborhoods of Springfield, and even encouraged people to buy homes in the city. Finding homeowners willing to open their homes for a tour, however, can be very difficult, especially as SPT strives to show historic homes that have not been open in the past. We need your help with this challenging task. Please ask your friends, family, and neighbors that have historic homes in Springfield to open for a future tour.

Tours are usually three hours long on the second Sunday of June.  Homeowners may open as much of their home as they are comfortable with. Some homeowners open only the first floor, while others open their second and third floors. While tours are open to the public, only those who purchase tickets are invited into the homes, and SPT volunteers make sure that only guests with tickets may participate. In our experience guests on the tour are very polite and respectful.

Visit the SPT Events Calendar to find upcoming tours and other events.

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