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2024 Most Endangered Historic Resources

The properties on the Most Endangered Historic Resources List have architectural and historical significance and are of great importance to the city of Springfield—however, they are in immediate danger of demolition or disrepair.

The purpose of this list is to make public notice of important properties worth saving, through actions such as advocacy or redevelopment. Our wish is that this list raises the community's interest in and support for the reuse of these valuable assets. It is always easy to destroy—it takes imagination and effort to save. A community is a product of its collective memory and that memory is anchored in its stories and its built environment. When we turn our backs on our past and on the things that those before us left in our keeping, we become nothing more than wanderers through life without roots. Go out and look at these buildings and think about how you might help in saving them.

These properties represent a cross-section of Springfield’s built environment. While this list is far from inclusive of every endangered property in the city, it includes properties that need help soon or they will be lost forever. Lend your support—be it moral, financial, or otherwise—to Historic Preservation, because our City and our community are only as good as we are. Once our historic resources are lost, they are gone forever.

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