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Board of Directors

The Springfield Preservation Trust Board of Directors is the governing body of our non-profit, focusing efforts on our mission to preserve and protect properties in Springfield, Massachusetts which have architectural, historic, educational, or general cultural significance for public edification and enjoyment. Board members are elected annually at Annual Meeting and serve on a voluntary basis.

The 2023 Board of Directors is comprised of members:

  • Erica Swallow, President
  • James 'Sean' Johnson, Executive Vice President
  • Hope Lewis, Treasurer
  • Mike Stevens, Secretary
  • Robert McCarroll, Officer-at-Large
  • Katherine Anderson Benson
  • Jim Boone
  • Stephen Davis
  • Melvin A. Edwards
  • Nels Frye
  • Walter Kroll
  • Fred Lewis
  • Robert Louder
  • Tonya McFall
  • Bryan McFarland
  • Paul J. Meagher
  • Thomas O'Neil
  • Jennifer Rao
  • Derek Strahan
  • Marilyn Sutin



The 2023 Committees include the following and are chaired by those noted:

  • Advocacy (Co-Chairs, Jim Boone & Jennifer Rao)
  • Community Events (Co-Chairs, Sean Johnson & Nels Frye)
  • Educational Programs (Chair, Derek Strahan)
  • Photographic Archiving (Chair, Marilyn Sutin)
  • Stockbridge Rehabilitation (Chair, Thomas O'Neil)



To support our mission, we engage two paid specialists:

  • Kira Holmes, Advocacy & Community Engagement Coordinator
  • Alexandria Aguirre, Membership Coordinator & Bookkeeper




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