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2014 Autumn Newsletter – Female Seminary Update

2014 Autumn Newsletter – Female Seminary Update

SPT’s long-term project at 77 Maple St. has just come through another major exterior-restoration project.  In this latest phase, 10 more windows were restored and major amounts of exterior trim were rebuilt.  This is about the 6th job, in a series combining structural integrity and exterior enclosure, ranked by degree of urgency.  So, where could it go next?  Some thoughts include:


  • Floor reframing at fireplaces (story, about 1 year ago).
  • Roof joint, Main Ell at Main Bldg., plus skylights.
  • Chimney restorations, for future fireplace options.
  • Bits-&-pieces, masonry & framing repairs


  • Fine-tune entries and stairs.
  • Front porch.
  • Fine-tune all 4 units, especially the 2 at rear


The drab-mustard trim color was selected to go with a relatively bright, yellow-ochre “body” color, for an early-Victorian color scheme.  The painting of that color over the peeling-white we have now, will be a dramatic change, which should grab peoples’ attention.  That won’t get done until the very end, when it’s time to start marketing the finished units.  If it’s done earlier, its impact is “wasted”; no costly billboard or ad campaign will match the “free”, high-impact effect of a last minute paint job.


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