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Lewis E. Tifft House


This Tudor Revival-style home was built in 1927 for Lewis E. Tifft.The architect John Barnard designed the house, and it resides upon the top of the hill. In 1974, the house became part of the Ames/Crescent Hill Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places.



The Tiffts lived here until 1961. Then the property was  given to the adjacent MacDuffie School, a private school whose campus encompassed many historic mansions on the upper part of Maple Street. It continued to be used by the MacDuffie School until 2011, when the school relocated to Granby. That same year, the school buildings were heavily damaged by the June 1 tornado, but the Tifft House has since been restored circa 2017, and it is now part of Commonwealth Academy, which is located on the former MacDuffie campus. Currently this building and several at Commonwealth Academy need rehabilitation. The Trust has reached out to the owner who stated they planned to work on this building with no firm dates to the work to take place. At this point the ownership of the property is complex.


If this building is restored it may become an academic building or home to future Springfield residents.

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